Pebble Beach Farms is located at East Marion, in the Town of Southold, Suffolk County, New York.  The parcel of land consists of a total of 164 acres.  The parcel has been subdivided into 143 half acre building lots and also includes 66 acres which have been divided into 7 open areas.  The open areas are shown on the Map of Pebble Beach Farms, and are designated as areas A through G.  A purchaser of a lot at Pebble Beach Farms is subject to a declaration of covenants and restrictions which provides for a lot owners association.  Each lot owner is a member of the lot owners association and as such, has the right to use the open areas in common with other lot owners.  Each lot owner is obligated to pay his proportionate share of the cost of maintaining and operating the open areas consisting of roads, tennis courts, a beach, a beach parking area and others.

Roads and Utilities

Pebble Beach Farms contains a private road system of approximately 12,000 linear feet having a 60 foot width with 36 feet of paved surface. The road system was installed in conformity with specifications of the Town of Southold and under the Town's supervision. Storm water drainage is provided by a primary system of sand swales flanking both sides of the paved area of all rights of way.

In addition, there are seven leeching pools and four interconnected catch basin systems piped to flood plains located in open spaces A and C (see Pebble Beach Farms Map). All storm drainage has been installed under the direction and supervision of the Town of Southold Highway Department.

Public water service is supplied by the Suffolk County Water Authority. On site water distribution is by 6 inch and 8 inch mains with individual 1 inch service lines to each lot.

Electric and telephone lines are installed the roadbed of the streets. Electric service is provided by a direct burial system designed and installed by the Long Island Lighting Company (now LIPA) consisting of primary and secondary components designed to supply 200 amperes service to each lot. The on site system is fed from pole mounted transformers located at the front of the property on Route 25. Electric service has been installed to the front of each lot.

Sewerage disposal on each lot has been approved by the Suffolk County Health Department after inspection of required test holes. Each lot owner must provide a septic tank and leeching pool system and have them inspected and approved by the Health Department.

Common Areas

The common areas are shown on the Pebble Beach Farms Map. Except as indicated below, all open spaces have been left in their natural state which is primarily coverage of wild shrub, low plants and trees indigenous to the area. The front entrance to the subdivision is curbed and paved with beach pebbles over plastic sheeting to prevent weed growth.

The following is a description of the common areas keyed to the identifying letter on the Pebble Beach Farms Map.

Open space A is an area of approximately 20 acres of open land used for storm water drainage and currently rented for agricultural purposes.

Open space B, which consists of approximately 5 acres, is similarly used for storm water drainage and could be used for agricultural purposes.

Open space C is similarly vacant land used for storm water drainage and consists of approximately 32.5 acres.

Open space D consists of approximately 6 acres. An easement has been granted to the Suffolk County Water Authority on a portion of this parcel for wells and associated pumping facilities as well as a pump house. The parcel also includes a fenced in area containing two tennis courts and a bocce court.

Open space E is vacant land fronting on Long Island Sound having a total area of approximately 2 acres with 446 feet fronting on the Sound at the mean high water line. The upper portion of this area includes a wide blue stone walk way and has been grassed. A two tier rock garden retaining wall approximately 200 feet long with an average height of 6 feet has been installed along the east boundary. Each tier has been extensively landscaped with irrigation installed. Large blue stone steps and a guard rail have been installed from the upper grassed area to the beach.

Open space F is vacant land which is provided for beach parking. It consists of slightly less than one acre with a paved surface accommodating 50 cars.

Open space G is vacant land consisting of approximately half an acre.