Six (6) Standing Rules were adopted by the Association’s members at its August 26, 1995 Annual Meeting.  These Standing Rules were adopted unanimously, i.e., without any dissenting or abstaining votes recorded.


The six Standing Rules state:


1.      Neither the name of Pebble Beach Farms Lot Owners Association nor the word “Official” may be used in correspondence to members or in solicitation of Proxies without the expressed (sic) permission of the Board of Directors.


2.      The Board may request a homeowner to remove as much landscaping from the swales as is necessary to alleviate any flooding or ponding that may develop as a result of such landscaping.


3.      Noise generating construction will be allowed only during the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday.  No construction will be permitted on Saturdays, Sundays and Legal Holidays.


4.      Access to a lot may be denied to any Contractor engaged by a lot owner who has not submitted building plans to the Board for architectural review.


5.      Members must have prior notice of any and all Proposals, Resolutions and Motions which, if passed could have a major impact on Association policy, procedures or finances.


6.      A detailed “Proposed Agenda” must accompany the Notice of Annual Meeting.  It must include all proposals and resolutions that will be discussed.  Members will have an opportunity to make amendments to the Agenda by mail postmarked no later than one week prior to the Annual Meeting.  Once the Agenda is approved further amendments to the Final Agenda will be permitted but will require a majority vote.